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Just a guess based on what I’ve seen in the past: the second Floki arrives tomorrow $doge will spike by ~8%. If $btc is facing resistance at that moment, it will drop back down about 5min later. If $btc is moving up, Floki could even cause $btc to follow $doge for a few min.…

Arbitrage: @Grayscale is paying for their own news articles on @cnbc that get pushed to Twitter for an additional fee all to promote scamming free electricity from Starbucks to mine $btc

Also note: the tweet below is from an affiliate link seller. @Benzinga offers rewards to any user who spreads the news. You push the news, you get paid. So the stats they boast are not authentic, they are paying. This is not how journalism works $btc #bitcoin @AskRobinhood…

Most meme stocks are ‘forced meme stocks’. $btc #Bitcoin

Can anyone explain how the people of El Salvador are supposed to deal with #btc volatility? What happens when a farmer needs to use bitcoin to pay for equipment in a bear market? What if they need to take out their savings for an emergency while the value is down 50%?

Every time you read an article about #dogecoin falling apart that includes an attempt to understand why it’s happening to Doge, move along. By the charts there is one thing and one thing only driving down Doge: #btc Soon Bitcoin will bottom out and Doge will rocket, I do believe.