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Good morning @vladtenev @AskRobinhood @RobinhoodApp my last tweet on this: here is the news you have today for everyone on your platform using $doge. All benzinga, nothing else. Almost all about a rip off coin that the Benzinga writers are allowed to hold and pump. End of story.

Just a guess based on what I’ve seen in the past: the second Floki arrives tomorrow $doge will spike by ~8%. If $btc is facing resistance at that moment, it will drop back down about 5min later. If $btc is moving up, Floki could even cause $btc to follow $doge for a few min.…

Cryptocurrency’s top misinformation network, @Benzinga, writes today about #Doge: “Dogecoin’s apparent lack of a real use case…make it a largely speculative asset where we can reasonably expect little capital to be stationed in hopes of long-term gains.”

Up to $1.6M now! #Doge…

Very wow! Original images of Doge: #doge

@BBCWorld This is a great article. Interface design has yet to make it into most of the cryptocurrency world, and the fees are too much. Coinbase is the only well thought out design. Had this journalist tried to use Pancake Swap the article would have been many times longer. #Doge can fix

Short term/long term on #Doge: No idea what will happen next, but here is the aggregate of taking as much info into perspective as I could, including predictions from experts, market trends, and key social media chatter.

Would like to see a “packet” that folks can take to their local merchants with instructions on how to accept #Doge as a form of payment.

Warren Buffet: “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” #doge